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By partnering with the family and community, Washington County Public Health Service has a commitment to maximize the quality of life for all – through intervention to eliminate the causes of poor health, education to improve health of families and the community and provision of support necessary to maintain a healthy Washington County.

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Washington County Annex Building (click image for directions)

Washington County Annex Building

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Washington County Rabies Clinics are going to an Online Pre-Registration system.

The online pre-registration will begin with the October 5th clinic in Kingsbury.  

The pre-registration website is now available for the October 5th clinic.

To Pre-Register visit:

Check out the step by step instructions in the PDF below.

Click image for the PDF of Pre-Registration Slides

Rabies online Reg here

Click image to get the Full PDF of the Guide

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Electronic Cigarettes: What's the Bottom Line?
We Have Safety Vests

Washington County Public Health has partnered with local EMS, Police and Fire Departments to provide Reflective Safety Vests to Washington County Residents.

You are more likely to be seen when wearing a reflector than any color clothing. (See Chart for Colors and distances.)

Click here to get the Safety Vest Program:Safety Vest Program Flyer

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Looking for help adjusting your car's mirrors?  Not sure how your car's controls work? 
Make an appointment for a CarFit! 
Our CarFit Technician can help you get the proper "fit" to your vehicle.

NEW! Visit our Health and Wellness Resources Page

People typically think of Health as our physical health, such as eating right, getting exercise, weight, blood pressure etc. However, Wellness includes a variety of topics that integrate our Whole Person, including physical, mental, social and emotional well being.  

Our Health and Wellness Page has resources for the following topics:

  • Quitting Smoking
  • Healthy Weight
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sleep
  • Mental Health & Emotional Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Asthma
  • Healthy Heart, Blood Pressure & Stroke
  • Healthy Aging

Visit it today: Health and Wellness Resources

All-Hazards Volunteer Program

Washington County has joined forces with New York State Department of Health, creating a Public Health All-Hazards Volunteer Program.
This program will train volunteers to assist Public Health efforts in response, mitigation, and recovery for disasters which may pose a threat to human health. 
To register for the Public Health All-Hazard Volunteer Program, go to
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Watch Protect Your Baby With Immunization PSA (30 Seconds)

Watch How You Can Prevent The Spread Of The Flu PSA
 (30 seconds)
How You Can Prevent The Spread Of The Flu

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