Community Service

Program Goal
Originating in 1982, this program provides the courts in Washington County the option of sentencing offenders to perform community service hours. It also provides a graduated sanctioning option for felony drug court, family treatment court and probation.

Referral Source
  • County court
  • Local court
  • Family treatment court
  • Felony drug court
  • Probation department
Target Population
Community service is appropriate for offenders who have been sentenced to a violation, vehicle and traffic offenses, misdemeanors and/or low level felonies.

Community service is not appropriate for offenders who have severe physical, mental health or emotional disabilities or those who are sex or violent offenders.

Community Service Placements
Offenders are either placed at a specific work site and/or on a work crew. Work crews are supervised directly by Alternative Sentencing staff. Work sites are supervised by supervisors at the work site. Regulations limit placement only to not for profit organizations / agencies and/or municipality departments or programs.

Work Crew Projects
Adopt a Highway
  • Route 22 North
  • Route 4 South
Bottle Recycling
  • Washington County Fair
Grounds Maintenance
  • Fort Edward Little League
  • Galesville Cemetery
  • Martindale Park
  • Murray Park
  • Revolutionary Cemetery (Salem)
  • Route 17 Cemetery
  • St. James Church
  • Tri-Poli Rd. Cemetery
  • Dresden Town Hall
  • Hartford old DPW building’
  • Kingsbury Town Hall
  • Putnam Little League Field Fence / concession
  • Putnam School play ground equipment
  • Salem DPW barn next to Revolutionary Cemetery
  • Salem Evergreen Cemetery office building and fence
  • Salem Railroad Station
  • Washington County car pool garage
  • Washington County Fairgrounds - picnic tables
  • White Creek old fire house
  • White Creek Church
  • 5 Combines brush cutting
  • Whitehall Canal brush cutting
  • Salem Courthouse flood cleanup

Salem Courthouse

Salem Courthouse flooded basement