Community Service Board Subcommittees

See calendar page for subcommittee meeting dates.

The subcommittees are comprised of members of the
  • Community Services Board
  • Provider agency representatives
  • State agency representatives
  • County department representatives
  • Consumers / recipients of services
About the Subcommittees
The Office of Community Services is also mandated under NYS Mental Hygiene Law to oversee a local annual planning process for each of the 3 disability areas (mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities). These local planning processes occur through subcommittees of the Community Services Board. Each disability area has its own subcommittee, which meets quarterly to engage in resource and needs identification, prioritization of needs, and establishment of a local annual plan, within state agency guidelines.

Review & Change to Plan
The subcommittees also provide an avenue for periodic review of the plan, discussion of any changes in community needs as the year progresses, and an opportunity for networking and discussing various changes within the state funding and oversight agencies and within the local provider community.