Members List

Name Remarks Status
Status Date
Dismissed Location
John Folsom Ruling elder
Eliza Folsom
Solomon P. Goodrich Ruling elder order January 30, 1820
Ann Goodrich
John Moss Ruling Elder order April 18, 1822
John Thomas Ruling elder order January 30, 1820 Died
Sarah Thomas
Edward Moss Ruling elder or January 30, 1820 Died February 5, 1831
Sarah Moss Joined the Baptist
Ian Beaumont Ruling elder order January 30, 1820 Removed
Lois Beaumont
Luther Johnson Ruler elder order January 30, 1820 Removed
Ann Johnson
Samuel Cranston Ruling elder order January 30, 1820 Died July 9, 1823
Glorianna Cranston
Betsey Freeman
Maria Ann Tallmadge
Catharine Rugg
Phoebe Wilkinson
Sarah Ferris
Phoebe Piersons
Daniel Beach
Dismissed April 18, 1833 Charlton
Elizabeth Beach
Dismissed April 18, 1833 Charlton
Jonathan Beach
Dismissed July 28, 1827 Charlton
Clarissa Beaumont
Josiah Beaumont
Sally Moss
Died December 28, 1823
Rhoda Moss Mrs. Cronkhite
William Tierce
Died May 1820
Polly Tierce
Hannah Southard Dismissed to Holland Patent Suspended 1825
Otis Southard to Trenton, Oneida Co. Dismissed November 15, 1822
Anna Stanton
Royal Stanton
Hiram Stanton
Alva Chase
Dismissed January 4, 1822
Polly Janes Joined the Baptist
Waitey Southard
Maria Dibble
Lydia Stickney
Ann Maria Stevens
Sophia Cunningham
Dismissed August 5, 1825 Salem A. P. Church
Lois Harris
Dismissed July 31, 1829 Rutland G. Parish
Horace Forbes
Died July 12, 1823
Jane Patten
Nathan Nichols
Rachel Nichols
Charlotte Hill
Samuel O. Bancroft
Clark Carleton
Mercy Doty
Suspended March 1828
Silas (?) Fellows
Dismissed April 28, 1840
Glorianna Folsom
Drowned March 28, 1827
Maria Leavens
Died September 30, 1822
Hester Ransom
Henry Wright
Rosanna Buck
Died December 30, 1822
Lydia Warner
Mary Lewis
Olive Wood
Nancy Stephens
Polly Forbes
Joseph Ferdinand
Died October 14, 1829 Caldwell
Orpha Cunningham Died December 1827 Dismissed
Sally Parsons
Thankful Winchip
Died March 8, 1829
Unknown Newman
Died December 1823
Anna Platt Died January 8, 1825 Ballston Dismissed April 18, 1823
Phoebe Nelson
Charles Rood
Dismissed March 12, 1830
Dorcas Rood
Dismissed March 12, 1830
Elias Southard
Died June 11, 1828
Hutton Dibble
Mary Dibble
Nancy Bancraft
Jonathan Harris Ruling elder Dismissed March 29, 1821
Eleanor Harris
Dismissed March 29, 1821
Sally Beaumont
Abbey High
Died July 10, 1820
Tone a colored man
Amos Hawley
Died August 19, 1825
Achsah Hawley
Rhoda Moss
Died March 31, 1827
Naomi Ranger
Maria Carleton
Nancy Forbes
Alethea Finn Removed Dismissed July 1831
Mary Finn
James Wright
John Sullivan
Dismissed April 29, 1824 Cincinnati
Eunice Sullivan
Dismissed April 29, 1824 Cincinnati
Sarah S. Thomas
Mary Mussey
Dismissed April 1826
Sheldon Benedict
Elizabeth Buel
Died March 10, 1824
Jerusha Peck
Phoebe Humphrey
Dismissed April 1, 1827 Troy
Charity Baker
Rachel Vandenbergh
Sarah Fellows
Susanna Leavens
Clarissa Lemoine
Isaac Harridon
Dismissed April 19, 1822
Anna Harridon
Dismissed April 19, 1822
Matilda White
Rachel Clary
Nathan H. Raymond Ruling elder order November 2, 1823 Dismissed April 26, 1825
Martia Raymond
Dismissed April 26, 1825
Lucia Sherill
Sarah Stow
Esther Gale
Died December 4, 1822
Julia Gale Died Dismissed October 10, 1839
Sarah Emons
Dismissed April 1826 Rochester
Deborah Beaumont
Dismissed September 12, 1829 Champlain, N.Y.
Eliza Whitney
Dismissed April 29, 1824 Cincinnati
Wealthy Ann Parish
Morgan Bates
Dismissed October 24, 1820
Samuel Dunham
John C. Woods
Dismissed July 31, 1823