Social Services

COVID-19 Department Service Updates:

DSS is asking everyone to save time and frustration by prescreening:

You may contact the DSS office however, please be advised that we are running with minimal staffing and meeting emergencies only, with all other issues being addressed once the Agency is returned to full staff.

Screen yourself before calling DSS by considering these questions:

Are you currently active on TA,  SNAP, MA or HEAP?  

If no, are you out of work?  

We encourage you to apply for SNAP or HEAP benefits online at: 

If yes, do you receive benefits and did you get your benefits?

If no, Call (518)746-2425 - clearly state your need, your name, and your contact number.

If yes, has something changed that you now have an emergency situation?  

If no, you do not need to call.

If yes, Call (518)746-2425 - clearly state your need, your name, and your contact number.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you may call (518)746-2425, clearly state your need and address. A Temporary Assistance, SNAP or HEAP Application will be mailed to you. 

If you need medical assistance you can contact NYS Department of Health to apply through the exchange. 

If you are trying to submit documents to your worker you can do so by emailing them to:


Based on the federal legislation signed into law on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, no person who currently has Medicaid coverage will lose their coverage during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you get a notice telling you that your Medicaid is discontinued after March 18, 2020, your coverage will be reinstated so there is no gap in coverage.  If you have any questions please contact Kelly Brown at 518-746-2426. _______________________________________________________________________

Members of the public requiring services from any County department should call ahead and make the necessary arrangements and receive further direction on how to move forward with the necessary business.

Washington County Department of Social Services:  Please call our main number at 746-2300.  We will be handling business over the phone when possible and if necessary, to come into the municipal center by appointment only.  Please be aware that due to staff reductions, if you have a current case your worker may not be available, and you will be directed to an worker in that unit.  We thank you for your cooperation to help reduce any potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Day Care:  Please be advised that we have applied for and been granted a waiver from OCFS for our Day Care Plan, this involves changes that could impact eligibility for our clients. Please encourage anyone that has any questions or concerns with Day Care right now to reach out to our Day Care Unit by calling our main number (518) 746-2300.

Stewart’s Holiday Match Program Helping DSS Food Pantry