Placement Services

About the Program

The purpose of the Placement Services Program is to provide for the temporary care and nurturing of a child, while seeking permanency through a reunification to their parent or other family member or by providing them with a caring and committed adoptive family.

Collaborative Community Partnerships

Washington County Department of Social Services is proud to continue its collaborative relationship with Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth for the provision of foster care services. By doing so, the resources available to youth in care, their families, and their foster parents are through the statewide network operated through Berkshire.

For foster parents, this means more training and support can be provided to them. For youth in care, this means a wide catchment of placement options is available so that youth can switch to a different levels of care as necesary.

For casework staff, it means a role that involves less direct service and more quality assurance oversight of the direct work being done in conjunction with the Berkshire Family Specialist Team. While the Berkshire catchment remains the 1st option, the agency is still able to access other foster care services by contracting with local voluntary agencies to include but not limited to Northeast Parent and Child Society, Parsons Child and Family Center, and St. Anne Institute, to name only a few.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of December 2015 requires local Department of Social Services agencies to collaborate with local school districts for the well-being of students in Foster Care.
Washington County DSS ESSA Point-of-Contact is:

Tracy Hudson, Placement Services Supervisor
Phone # 518/746-2341