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Excerpters from the Asbestos Control Bureau Code Rule 56

Asbestos Survey Requirements for Building/Structure Demolition, Renovation, Remodeling and Repair

Asbestos Survey Required:

An owner or an owner’s agent, except the owner of one and two-family dwellings who contracts for, but does not direct or control the work, shall cause to be conducted, an asbestos survey completed by a licensed asbestos contractor using inspectors certified in compliance with Section 56-3.2(d), to determine whether or not the building or structure, or portion(s) thereof to be demolished, renovated, remodeled, or have repair work, contains ACM, PACM or asbestos material.  This asbestos survey shall be completed and submitted as indicated in Subdivision (g) of this Section, prior to commencing work.  All such asbestos surveys shall be conducted in conformance with the requirements of Subdivision (e) of this Section.

Exemptions to Asbestos Survey Requirements:

The asbestos survey required by this Subdivision of this Section shall not be required for the following classes of buildings or structures:

1) An agricultural building; (See below Building/Structure Demolition)

2) Buildings or structures for which original construction commenced on or after January 1, 1974 (See below Building/Structure Demolition)

3) A structure certified in writing to be structurally unsound by a licensed Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, Building Inspector, Fire Inspector or other official of competent jurisdiction. (See below Building/Structure Demolition)

Building/Structure Demolition:

 If a building/structure asbestos survey is not required or performed per Subdivision (b) of this Section, and the building/structure is certified to be unsound or slated for contracted demolition, the building/structure shall be assumed to contain asbestos, and shall be demolished per this Part, unless the building/structure is adequately certified to be free of asbestos containing material.  Acceptable documentation for certification shall be a previous thorough building/structure asbestos survey, abatement records or other documentation acceptable to the Commissioner or his or her representative.

Responsibility to Comply:

No exemption to the requirement to conduct an asbestos survey shall exempt any person, asbestos contractor, property owner or business entity from the inspection or asbestos survey requirements of EPA, OSHA, and any other applicable section of this Part.

Building/Structure Asbestos Survey Requirements.

The asbestos survey shall include a thorough inspection for and identification of all PACM, suspect miscellaneous ACM, or asbestos material throughout the building/structure or portion thereof to be demolished, renovated, remodeled, or to have repair work.  The required inspection shall be performed by a certified asbestos inspector, and, at a minimum, shall include identification of PACM, suspect miscellaneous ACM or asbestos material.

Transmittal of Building/Structure Asbestos Survey Information:

(1) One (1) copy of the completed asbestos survey shall be sent by the owner or their agent to the local government entity charged with issuing a permit for such demolition, renovation, remodeling or repair work under applicable State or local laws.

(2) The completed asbestos survey for controlled demolition (as per Subpart 56-11.5) or pre-demolition asbestos projects shall also be submitted to the appropriate Asbestos Control Bureau district office.

(3) The completed asbestos survey shall be kept on the construction site with the asbestos notification and variance, if required, throughout the duration of the asbestos project and any associated demolition, renovation, remodeling or repair project.

Removal Required:

If the building/structure asbestos survey finds that the portion of the building/structure to be demolished, renovated, remodeled, or have repair work contains ACM, PACM, suspect miscellaneous ACM assumed to be ACM, or asbestos material, which is impacted by the work, the owner or the owner’s agent shall conduct, or cause to have conducted, asbestos removal performed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor in conformance with all standards set forth in this Part.  All ACM, PACM, suspect miscellaneous ACM assumed to be ACM, or asbestos material impacted by the demolition, renovation, remodeling or repair project shall be removed as per this Part, prior to access or disturbance by other uncertified trades or personnel.  No demolition, renovation, remodeling or repair work shall be commenced by any owner or the owner’s agent prior to the completion of the asbestos abatement in accordance with the notification requirements of this Part.  For multi-phased work, the access restriction for uncertified trades or personnel applies to each intermediate portion of the entire project.  Upon completion of the intermediate portion of the asbestos project, other trades or personnel may access that portion of the work site.  For demolition projects that are exempt from asbestos survey requirements due to being structurally unsound, the demolition is considered an asbestos project and shall proceed as per Section 56-11.5.

All building/structure owners and asbestos abatement contractors on a demolition, renovation, remodeling, or repair project, which includes work covered by this Part, shall inform all trades on the work site about PACM, ACM, asbestos material and suspect miscellaneous ACM assumed to be ACM at the work site.